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Had no issues so far!

It does the job

I like it but the look itself seems to bland and like a notepad. I rather use something that is more intriguing and makes me want to read my emails.

I love this email app!!

It makes things so easy like unsubscribing and checking services with the assistant. 5/5 I love it!!

Best unsubscribe feature

Unsubscribe easy and confirmed. Swipe settings more versatile and reliable. Fast.

Best email client

This is THE best email client among all, no doubt. I really want to see if there is a MacOS counterpart for this app.

Great app

I use this for work and have to have a certain company signature, and this app has a signature assistant that will scan sent emails so you can choose the sig. it even included the company logo that Im required to have. Best app Ive found for work email.

Best email app!

I really like this app with all its features like Touch ID protected emails, and its nice simple UI. It is also very user friendly. At first I had an issue where my emails would get stuck in the outbox - so I contacted the devs, and they fixed the issue and now it functions perfectly normal. Overall, GREAT app!



How to add an exchange mail address in owa mode?

All others are great! Having a little bug of showing old emails as new travel

I like it!!

I ve had it about a week or so and I am happy with it. Some things are easier than my apple app and I like the way you can add boxes. I find the " snooze " very handy. I havent quite mastered it yet but I have played a little. UPDATE: A month later and Im loving it! Organization, speed and unsubscribe is great. I recommend it for anyone.

Great features, a little buggy

I really love this email app. So much simpler and more intuitive than others Ive tried (and Ive tried a lot). Scheduling messages for later and customizable swipe options help me keep my inbox empty, and the assistant folders get me quick access to package delivery status and travel info. The biggest issue for me is that not all of the features work well with my non-Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/etc IMAP account. Some of this gets fixed over time, like the ability to map system folders, but other things seem to break every now and then. For the last couple months, Ive not been able to swipe to archive—the message just pops back into my inbox after a couple seconds—and something with how the snooze feature works doesnt move messages reliably for other IMAP access points (like when I check my email on my laptop). Despite the issues, Im sticking with this app with the hope that the bugs will get worked out over time.

Emails never delete

Emails require that I delete them more than once sometimes up to three times. Its a known issue yet I Ive seen no progress.


Application simple & complète mais uniquement en anglais.

Lost my email

I was writing a long email for about 35 minutes and suddenly the app crashed. After restarting, the email was gone, nowhere to be found. Ive been connected to 4G the whole time writing. How did it not save the draft at all? This is absolutely unacceptable. Now I have to rewrite everything. I loved the app until now. Stay away if you are serious about emailing.


Deleted the apple mail app for this one!!!!!

Wont notify me on my emails

This app stopped notifying me when I got emails and I havent disabled anything on the notification settings. If it doesnt get fixed I might have to get another mail app even though this is the best one Ive used thus far.

Very good but 4 star only for now

Plz try n make headings little bolder. It looks very dull. Also add cloud service.


Its a great app much better than other emails

App is FIRE

Yas kween

Emails wont delete

I love this app, but, starting yesterday, the emails wont delete. It lets me read them and I delete them and then a second later theyre back. Ive shut down my phone hoping that helps, but nope. They keep coming back.

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