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Super nice

Im using this app for a year now and its a really convenient one. Love all the aspect of it! And they are always improving with new tools! Much better than regular apple emails! Thanks for creating such a good product ! Just Dont know why its free! Would pay for it!!

Randomly places emails in spam

Ive noticed this before, and didnt think too much about it until I found something I actually wanted. Ive been receiving emails from a website that I follow, and since I get quite a few, and I see them in my Inbox, I didnt realize that some of them are also going to Spam. Along with that, I havent been able to figure out any way to mark these emails as "Not Spam."

Best E Mixer!!

This is the BEST app for combining your various Email Accounts into one coherent, easy to use and seamless Email interface. I use this app on all my varied devices (droid, Apple, Microsoft) and it consistently works like a champ on every platform! In fact its the ONLY app Ive found that does work!

Best email app ever. Period

Love everything about it *edited to say that the search functionality is awful!!! Still love it though because theres really no better alternative


Horrible app not user friendly

Love it

Ive tried so many I keep coming back !

So convenient

Honestly the best. I was getting really sick of continuing to sort the same emails to the junk folder on the mail app that comes with the phone. This one makes it VERY SIMPLE to unsubscribe from emails you dont want to receive anymore. It also finds all your bills and receipts and sorts them for you!

App crashes

The app crashes so much its not even funny especially when your in desperate need of it.

Best mail app

Enough said way better then the standard apple one

Its a good app but....

Its a great app for mail but there seems to be a bug that prevents me from deleting emails. After I delete them they just keep coming back.


It was difficult to figure out how to move the from one screen to the he next.

Good when it works

I like the app. Its clean and simple. The only problem I have is some emails wont delete. They keep coming back. Plz fix this

What a load!

I didnt ask for this app. I dont want it! Give me back my email!!!


Love this app so much! It works amazing and it keeps all your emails easily organized! Also, it has a built in assistant that is awesome! Very handy and helpful email app. Best one yet! You need to get it

Awesome ! !

Great app to combine all my accts into one. Have it on my Android as we and it works great. No going back now!

This app

Its not like my old app that came with the phone I keep trying to find the old one and I did but just cant seem to log in it but for now this apps not bad


Nice, good, easy to use!


Cant get to my email!!!!

I loved it until I got five minutes into using it

The layout and ease of the app is what attracted me to it. Its very customizable. But ever since about 5 minutes into having it, it wont refresh mail making it pretty much a waste of time and unusable. So Ill probably delete it since it doesnt work for the one thing it promises to do - email.

Junk mail

Havent seen this actually get rid of any junk mail.

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